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"I have the privilege of working with Jim Forrer as a member of the Area Agency on Aging 1-B Advisory Council. He is a true champion for seniors and hunger and a tireless, passionate, professional volunteer. You can find Jim delivering Meals on Wheels weekly to homebound seniors, planning holiday events for those who would otherwise be alone, visiting shut ins who are hungry on the weekends, investing in his own charity Helping Angels to fill unmet needs, and running his own business. His energy and enthusiasm are an inspiration to all that know him."

— Sallie Justice

Corporate Communications, Senior Specialist, Toyoda Gosei North America


"Jim is the one of the most enthusiastic and positive people I know! He is a very busy person, yet he donates so much of his time to help others. I respect Jim's opinion and I greatly admire his generous and caring spirit. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with him."

— Tina Abbate Marzolf

CEO at Area Agency on Aging 1-B


"Jim is a man with a heart of gold. He is touched by the many needs, hidden and not-so-hidden, in the community. He brings a smile to the faces of many people through his charitable giving. He takes the time to listen and to problem solve so that the solution emerges."

— Elizabeth K. Briody, Ph.D.

Founder and Principal, Cultural Keys, LLC


"Jim, you have been absolutely amazing and I am proud, honored and always humbled to know that I have rubbed shoulders with one of the best in the business. I have learned much from you--not just on the radio side, but on lessons in life as well. While I consider you as one of the great movers and shakers, I also consider you as one of the most charitable and giving people that I have ever met! Your love for God and the people around you is an inspiration to me personally!"

— Tim Smothers

Owner, Performer at The Smothers Gospel Music Ministries


"The greatest man of all time!"

— Tim Dalgleish

Sales at The Suburban Collection


"Feed the poor..."You are doing all the great work, Jim. I merely sent a check from God's stash."

— V.B., Philadelphia, PA


”Well done! What an honor to be recognized for all that you do.”

— M.T., Sterling Hts, MI


"Many thanks for all your help. We’d be lost without you!”

— S.H., Rochester, MI


“You are amazing.”

— T. A-M, of Area Agency on Aging


"All I can say is that you are an awesome guy. Thank you for being such a great encourager. I look forward to knowing you for many years to come."

— J.TJ


"That is great stuff…thanks for all you do, Jim!!!! (took all my time and I missed the Senior Lunch).  Mayor Slater said it was awesome so congrats to you on a meaningful event!"

— B.K., Troy City Mgr.


"Thank you Jim..... you and Helping Angels are the very best too."

— D.S.,  Mayor of Troy, MI


"I was just thinking about you. I want to say it again…we are so truly appreciate of everything you do to better the lives of the people we serve."

— K.H., Pres. Emerald Foods


"Jimmy, I can't tell you how proud I am of you. You are an awesome charity leader. I am proud to know you."

— J.A.


"Jim, you are so needed by our society who throws our seniors away."

— K.L., Los Angeles, CA


"Keep the fight going....we are proud of you! We sent a donation to Helping Angels.

A.V.R, New York, NY


"Jim, how wonderful...Helping Angels Charity is awesome work on your part Larry and I mailed you a check. Fight for all of us."

— B.K.


"What a great cause....lost Mom 8 years ago...horrible, horrible stories on how she was cared for...we never found out....wish we had your efforts are making a difference.... $$ being sent. Love U.

— A.D. Texas


"James, you are awesome. A donation is forthcoming.

— T.


"Donation coming...keep it up....your Mom & Dad would be proud of you....Old School Bud!

— J.G., Ohio


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